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The performance and appearance of the pneumatic actuator(1)

1. The rated output force or torque of pneumatic actuator shall comply with the provisions of GB / t12222 and GB / t12223

2. (pneumatic actuator)Under no-load condition, input air pressure into the cylinder, and its action shall be stable without jamming and crawling.

3. Under the air pressure of 0.6MPa, the output torque or thrust in the opening and closing directions of the pneumatic actuator shall not be less than the value marked on the label of the pneumatic actuator, and the action shall be flexible, and permanent deformation and other abnormalities are not allowed in all parts.

4. (pneumatic actuator)When the sealing test is carried out with the maximum working pressure, the amount of air leaked from the respective back pressure side is not allowed to exceed (3 + 0.15d) cm3 / min (standard state); The amount of air leaked from the end cover and output shaft shall not exceed (3 + 0.15d) cm3 / min.