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  • Heavy duty scotch yoke actuator, is a kind of angular stroke piston pneumatic actuator, yoke type pneumatic actuator design is delicate and compact, solid and durable, suitable for ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and other valves applicable to 90 ° angle of the switch off or regulation control.

  • Heavy duty actuator is divided into double-acting and single-acting type (spring return), the output torque is large, the operation is flexible and balanced; piston rod is hard chrome plated with good wear resistance; sliding parts are equipped with oil-free lubricant and guide ring to reduce the coefficient of friction and extend the service life.Heavy duty actuator's characteristic U-shape-curve output torque is more suitable for large diameter ball valves, butterfly valves and other rotary valve shutoff and adjustment, can also be used for other rotary motion occasions, is the ideal device to achieve industrial pipeline automation control.

  • Large output torque scotch yoke actuators have affordable, with high performance, long life, safety and reliability, energy-saving and environmental protection, etc; With higher output torque compared to rack and pinion type actuators with the same cylinder.

  • High torque scotch yoke actuators have flexible modular combination design, pneumatic module, hydraulic module, and manual module can be selected and replaced according to the site conditions. There are single-acting and double-acting forms of action, applicable for butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, etc. to do 90° angle stroke valve control.

  • Scotch yoke pneumatic actuator is a rotary motion actuator, applicable for 90° rotary valves (such as ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve) switch off or metering control. Pneumatic actuators can be divided into 2 types double-acting and single-acting; Single-acting actuators can be divided into 2 types normally open (FO) and normally close (FC). Different actuators can be selected according to different working conditions.

  • JHM series clutch type actuator adopts the newest worm gear and worm drive mechanism, integrated the newest technology and superior material, innovatively designed based on rich filed-installation and product application experience. It is mainly used to open 90° stroke opening and closing valves such as ball valves, plug valves, and butterfly valves. At the same time, it can assist pneumatic and electric execution to ensure safe opening and closing.

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