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The performance and appearance of the pneumatic actuator(2)

1. (pneumatic actuator)The strength test shall be conducted with 1.5 times of the maximum working pressure. After maintaining the test pressure for 3min, the end cover and static sealing parts of the cylinder block shall be free of leakage and structural deformation.
2. Times of action life: the pneumatic actuator simulates the action of pneumatic valve. Under the condition of maintaining the output torque or thrust capacity in two directions, the opening and closing times of opening and closing operation shall not be less than 50000 times (one opening-closing cycle).
3. For the pneumatic actuator with buffer mechanism, impact is not allowed when the piston moves to the end of stroke.

Appearance of the pneumatic actuator
1. (pneumatic actuator)The end cover, end flange and box of cast cylinder shall be free of scratches, cuts, pores, burrs, etc.
2. (pneumatic actuator)The painting layer or chemical treatment layer on the outer surface of the pneumatic device shall be flat, smooth, uniform in color, and free of oil stain, indentation and other mechanical damage.
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