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The composition of the pneumatic actuator(1)

The type and structure of the regulating mechanism of the pneumatic actuator are roughly the same, mainly because the actuator is different. Therefore, the pneumatic actuator is divided into two parts: actuator and regulating valve. The pneumatic actuator consists of an actuator and a regulating valve (regulating mechanism). According to the size of the control signal, the corresponding thrust is generated to promote the action of the regulating valve. The regulating valve is the regulating part of the pneumatic actuator. Under the thrust of the actuator, the regulating valve produces a certain displacement or angle to directly regulate the fluid flow.

1. The pneumatic actuator is mainly composed of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, end cover, seals, screws, etc; The complete set of pneumatic device shall also include opening indication, travel limit, solenoid valve, positioner, pneumatic components, manual mechanism, signal feedback and other components.

2. (pneumatic actuator)The connection dimension between pneumatic device and valve shall comply with the provisions of ISO5211 (bottom), GB / t12222 and GB / t12223..