Long Service Life Pneumatic Actuator
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  • Air ProLong Service Life Pneumatic Actuator

Long Service Life Pneumatic Actuator

Long service life pneumatic actuators are high quality, low friction, long life and high stability. JHA series long life pneumatic actuators combine a variety of advanced technologies to face the challenges of various harsh environments, and their outstanding reliability and safety can meet your strict requirements for automation control.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

Long service life pneumatic actuator is a pneumatic actuator powered by compressed air, driven by the linear motion of the piston rack and pinion gear drive of the output shaft, to turn the output of the angular stroke. Widely used in the ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and other angle-pattern valves’ switching and adjustment, can also be applied to other rotary occasions, is the ideal device to achieve industrial pipeline automation control.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Model:JHA0012 DA - JHA8000 DA
Output torque:8 N.m - 10000 N.m
Structure:Rack and pinion structure
Application:Ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and other valv
Air Supply Pressure:3 - 8 bar
Cylinder body material:Aluminum alloy (surface coating: hard anodized)
End cover material:Die-casting aluminum alloy (surface coating: powder spraying)
Air source control:Through filtered compressed air, no need lubricate oil,the oil must suit for NBR under lubricated condition.
Applicable ambient temperature:Standard -20℃~80℃
Low temperature -40℃~80℃
High temperature -15℃~120℃
Flange standard:ISO 5211
Rotate stroke:0 - 90°(+/-5°)
Service life:Maintenance-free and low friction , switch service life more than 1 million times.

3.Product Features

long service life pneumatic actuatorhave the below characteristics:
●Structure : compact rack and pinion pneumatic actuator.
●Low friction ,long service life and the switching times up to 1000,000 times.
●Applied to angular stroke valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and other valves.
●Mounting flange in accordance to DIN/ISO5211,control valve with NAMUR standard.
●High quality aluminum alloy material, surface coating by hard anodized , hard nodized+Teflon and other options for special demands and requirements .
●Certificate obtained : ATEX, CE, SIL3, ISO9001:2015 certificate.
●High-end products, excellent quality, complete certification system.
●All products in the factory undergo a rigorous testing, each individual is marked with tracking code for quick identification and complete tracking service.

4.Product Details

The top of the long service life pneumatic actuator conforms to VDI/VDE3845 standard installation,which is convenient for installation of positioner,limit switch, and other accessories.

The bottom mounting surface (valve connection surface) is designed in accordance with ISO5211 standard. It can be directly installed on manual override or valve.

5.Factory Workshop

Juhang has advanced processing equipment, high-precision CNC machines, four-axis machining center and advanced technology, which can guarantee the high quality of precision products.The company also has laboratories for high-precision testing instruments.Sophisticated technology and strict quality management system, furthermore gathering professional technical elites and world-leading technology team, taking advantages of new technology, new processing and new materials to ensure the stability and reliability of our products.

6.Quality Inspection

Juhang has a strict inspection system, the most advanced inspection equipment and strict scientific management, so that each product from Juhang can meet various customer’s selection and requirements.

7.Company Certification



Q:If I am interested in your long service life pneumatic actuator,when i can received your quotation
A:All your inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Q:What is your annual production of pneumatic actuators?
A:Our annual production is about 300,000.

Q: Can the rotary angle of the pneumatic actuator be customized?
A: The conventional pneumatic actuator rotary angle is 90°+-5°, for other angles custom please contact us

Q: Can the surface color of the pneumatic actuator be customized?
A: Yes. We can customize most colors for you.

Q: What are your main markets?
A: Europe, South America, North America, Southeast Asia

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