Quarter Turn Manual Actuator
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Quarter Turn Manual Actuator

JHM series quarter turn manual actuator adopts the newest worm gear and worm drive mechanism, integrated the newest technology and superior material, innovatively designed based on rich filed-installation and product application experience. It is mainly used to open 90° stroke opening and closing valves such as ball valves, plug valves, and butterfly valves. At the same time, it can assist pneumatic and electric execution to ensure safe opening and closing.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

quarter turn manual actuator suitable for butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and other valves, 90° corner, single-stage drive, double stage drive, three-stage drive, torque 150 nm-15000 Nm optional, small input force, large output force, easy to open and close, etc.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)

Model:JHM40 - JHM410
Output torque:150 Nm - 15000 Nm
Structure:Partial rotating clutch handwheel structure
Application:Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve
Shell material: The shell is available in nodular cast iron, WCB, stainless steel.
Flange standard:ISO 5211
stroke:0-90°(+/-5°) mechanical position limitation
Temperature standard:Standard -20℃~80℃
Low temperature -40℃~80℃
High temperature -20℃~120℃
Ingress protection grade:IP67 seal, appliable to the standard environment,
special enviromment can customized to IP68
Safety valve: It can be installed with total gas safe control function , which can cut off air source and exhaust automatically
surface coating:Special coating (for option)suitable in extreme working environment and marine environment.

3.Product Features

quarter turn manual actuator have the below characteristics:
●Completely-sealed box,the intemal is filled with grease to make longer life-cycle of worm gear box.
●Stroke:0-90° mechnical limit.
●Steel-protected input shaft (stainless steel is for your option)
●Shell material: The shell is available in nodular cast iron, WCB, stainless steel.
●Convenient conversion, lift the limit pin, rotating eccentric device to 100°, limit pin limit automatically to pneumatic operation; On the contrary, to manual operation.
●It can be installed with total gas safe control function, which cut off air source and exhaust automatically.

3.Product Details

4.Factory Workshop

Juhang has advanced processing equipment, high-precision CNC machines, four-axis machining center and advanced technology, which can guarantee the high quality of precision products.The company also has laboratories for high-precision testing instruments.Sophisticated technology and strict quality management system, furthermore gathering professional technical elites and world-leading technology team, taking advantages of new technology, new processing and new materials to ensure the stability and reliability of our products.

5.Quality Inspection

Juhang has a strict inspection system, the most advanced inspection equipment and strict scientific management, so that each product from Juhang can meet various customer’s selection and requirements.

6.Company Certification



Q: Can you provide more detailed information about quarter turn manual actuator?
A: Yes, of course. You can send your questions to us via e-mail. We will send you the information you need.

Q: What is the sample lead time?
A: Regular quarter turn manual actuator sample is 3~5 days; And for the customized type, it depends on your actual situation.

Q: How to switch between manual mode and pneumatic mode of the quarter turn manual actuator.
A: It is very easy and convenient to switch between manual mode and pneumatic mode of our quarter turn manual actuator, please contact us for details

Q: Is OEM acceptable?
A: Yes.

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