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  • Quarter turn pneumatic actuator has small friction coefficient, long service life, strong corrosion resistance, high precision gear and rack, small meshing clearance, high precision, large output torque,stainless steel fasteners, safe and beautiful.Its reasonable structure design and excellent performance can meet the diversified needs from customers.

  • Single acting pneumatic actuator design compact and simple combination, the series of products using reinforced piston design, precise transmission, assembly accessories in line with NAMUR international standards, its reasonable structure design and excellent engineering characteristics ensure superior product life

  • JHA series :Spring return pneumatic actuator, through the optimization of innovative design, the use of new materials and new technology, so that the product performance is more superior. The series of actuators have reliable operation, long working life, long adjustable range, high anti-corrosion performance, multiple specifications, flexible selection, affordable and other characteristics.Conform to ISO5211 international standard, easy to install and use

  • JHA series: double acting pneumatic actuator, high quality, low friction, long life, switching times are up to more than 1 million times, high stability.
    JHA series double acting pneumatic actuator integrates a variety of advanced technologies, which can face the challenges of various harsh environments. Its outstanding reliability and safety can meet your strict requirements for automatic control.

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