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Main Features of Pneumatic Actuator

1 The actuator is designed with a servo system (no additional servo amplifier is required), and it only needs to connect to DC4~20mA (or DC1~5V) signal and AC220V single-phase power supply to work. Built-in terminal block, wiring is extremely simple and convenient.

2 The key component of the actuator, the controller, adopts a more advanced hybrid integrated circuit and is sealed and cast with resin. The shape is box-shaped, with small volume and high reliability.

3 The feedback detection of the driving value of the pneumatic actuator adopts a high-performance conductive plastic potentiometer with a resolution of <0.4%.

4 With self-diagnosis function, when a fault occurs, the indicator light on the controller will immediately send out an indication signal.

5. The state selector switch can be used to set when the signal is off (the spool is in a fully open, fully closed or self-locking state).

6 It can be set with the status selector switch (forward and reverse action).

7 The input signal can be set as (DC4~20mA or DC1~5V) with the state selection switch.

8 It is simple and easy to adjust the working zero point (start point) and stroke (end point).

9 When the power is suddenly cut off, it can ensure that the valve core is self-locking.

10 Adopt synchronous belt drive, which effectively reduces noise.

11. Pneumatic actuator delay protection function. When the rated load is used, it can implement state self-locking. When a fault occurs, the protection can be started immediately, and the delay protection can be canceled by reverse operation.