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The superiority of the pneumatic actuator

High output power.(pneumatic actuator)
The pneumatic actuator has explosion-proof function.

Compact double piston gear and rack structure, accurate meshing, high efficiency and constant output torque.
(pneumatic actuator)Aluminum cylinder block, piston and end cover are the lightest compared with actuators of the same specification and structure.
The cylinder block(pneumatic actuator) is made of extruded aluminum alloy and hard anodized. The inner surface is hard with high strength and hardness. The sliding bearing made of low friction material avoids direct contact between metals, has low friction coefficient, flexible rotation and long service life.
(pneumatic actuator)The installation and connection dimensions of pneumatic actuator and valve are designed according to international standards ISO5211, din3337 and VDI / vde3845, which can be interchanged with ordinary pneumatic actuator.
The air supply hole complies with Namur standard.
The shaft assembly hole at the bottom of the pneumatic actuator (in accordance with ISO5211 standard) is double square to facilitate the linear or 45 ° angle installation of the valve with square rod.